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Month: June 2016

Blinded By Beer Goggles

Filters of delusion, insanity, and fear. How often do we view life through filters? Filters of delusion, insanity, and fear. Why do we take what we see through all forms of media as our truth? How often do we make…


Daddy Issues

Our need to know why becomes the trap that enslaves us. Our daddy issues are manifestations of our father’s problems. As children we too often think that we are to blame. For me, I just always wanted to know why?…


Finding Strength Through My Struggles

Life is hard! Have you ever felt that life was just too hard? Why couldn’t it just be easy? Let me tell you, life is hard! Because I was addicted to alcohol life became not just hard but unbearable. I…


Becoming A Warrior On Purpose

I always had felt there was a significant purpose for my life. A cause that I was to champion. For most of my life that purpose eluded me. I never could quite find what I was searching for. Why was…


Climbing Your Own Mt. Everest

It was either climb or die! Sitting in the chapel of a rehab center I faced what seemed like climbing my own Mt. Everest. I had lost my home, my car, my dignity, and the crushing blow of knowing that…


I’m Not Lazy. I Just Don’t Care

I’m not lazy.  I just don’t care. I taught 7th grade Geography for the first time this year. As the year progressed, a single word began to permeate my conversations with my colleagues. That word was APATHY. The lack of…