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Month: December 2016

Pain is How the Healing Process Starts but It’s Not the End of the Story

I am delighted to have Rose Lockinger write a guest piece for our blog. Her ability to relate in an open and honest manner will move you in your soul and push you to greater heights in recovery. Thank you…


No Handouts In Recovery

You mean I am going to have to work for it. There is never such thing as a free lunch and there are no handouts in recovery. Sure, I wish there was a softer, easier way but there really just…


Party Like Your Sober

The party was what I did best. The holidays can be a treacherous stretch of days for those of us in recovery. With all the family gatherings, memories of Christmas past, and the holiday parties it can be just a…

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Lessons From 1,000 Days Sober

Simple lessons of 1,000 days of sobriety. December 15th, 2016 was my 1,000th day in sobriety. Milestones are not my cup of tea and are things I usually shy away from. However, today I do feel a sense of great…


Beers From Christmas Past

Many of us have memories of beers from Christmas past. The holidays can be a precarious time for many of us in recovery. Especially for those who may be just beginning their recovery. The season brings back memories that can…


Alcoholism-My Deceptive Disease

I thought I was passed hearing that voice in my head. One of the blaring truths of my life is that I am an alcoholic. I am in recovery and I work a strong program to keep it that way.…