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Month: January 2017

Reaching Out For Help

Why is it so hard to reach out for help? Sobriety is no different from life in regards to the struggle. Life is a daily fight, whether we are fighting to overcome or fighting to maintain what we have achieved.…


Seeing Through The Facts

Is it fact or is it fiction? So often we rely upon the facts and completely miss the truth. Those two are very different things. Facts are things we gather with our senses and emotions but they can change. The…


Don’t Doubt Your Dream

Doubt may be the greatest dasher of all dreams. Everyone at some point in their life has had a dream. Ambitions of what they might become and the mark they might leave on this world. Even us addicts and alcoholics…


Justification – The Way I Play God

Justification was my weapon of choice in my own addictive suicide. In January,┬ámy church┬áparticipates in the Daniel Fast. It is a 25 day fast where we eat fruits, vegetables, grains and drink water. We cut out sugars and all the…