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Month: February 2017

Breaking Chains

The following is a piece from my oldest child Haley. ┬áIt is her story of addiction and recovery. A story of how she is breaking chains and finding freedom in sobriety. I am honored and so very proud of what…


Moment of Purpose

The moment my life regained passion and purpose….. One thing in my recovery that gets completely over shadowed but has the most power is my moment of purpose. The exact moment where I chose to live rather than to continue…


Insecurity – Pour Me Another

My biggest trigger always was rooted in insecurity. Who knew that just drinking too much was not my only problem. The drinking was just my insane attempt to drown my other issues. One of my biggest issues that has been…


Why Are You Here?

Do you really know why you are here? In my opinion, it is the question that is at the center of not only addiction but all other societal issues. Why are you here? No, really, why are you here? Can…



Forgiveness isn’t for them, it’s for you! I was living what I thought to be the perfect marriage. Or was I just living in a dysfunctional marriage dreaming that it was perfect. Either way that is of little consequence now.…