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Month: March 2017

God – My Answer To How I Did It

We can never lose our love and tolerance. I recently celebrated three continuous years of sobriety and recovery. I have been asked often in my short three years, “How did you do it?” When I have given the honest answer…


Sons of Thunder – A Father’s Honor

Little did they know, my boys saved my life.  My girls have played an important part in my recovery story but so have my sons. I have been honored as a father to have two boys who have been a…


Daughters – A Daddy’s Truth

Being a “daddy” is a gift. This week has been a week of renewal and firsts with my daughters. Spending Spring Break with my youngest for the first time in over 3 years has been as full of wonder as…


A Parent With Proof

Being a parent was a gift that alcohol had no respect for. Years ago, during my youngest son’s senior soccer season, I only missed one game. Now I do not say that as an accomplishment but as a red flag…


Prodigal Parents – You Can Always Go Home

Due to my drinking my role as a parent became void. Many of us have heard the story of the prodigal son. Leaving home with all his inheritance only to blow it all and ending living in a literal pig…