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Month: June 2017

Progress not Perfection

My present kindly asked my past to step aside… If I had a dollar for every time I heard “progress not perfection” I would be a wealthy man. We hear those slogans so often but how often do we actually…


Time – My Recovered Treasure

All they really want is our time… I was told years ago that there was more to being a daddy than just giving my time. That it was more financial support that made the difference. Back then I had little…


Heroes – The Forgotten Ones In Recovery

The real heroes are too often forgotten. It is undeniable that it takes tremendous strength and courage to take that first step into recovery. In addiction, those are qualities that only the drink or drug gave us. But those of…


Crossing Bridges – Vacations in Recovery

There is great freedom in the promises of recovery. I have just returned from a sober vacation. It was not my first sober vacation in recovery but it was a first of monumental proportions. This vacation was my first with…