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Our Featured Warrior is Brad McLeod. He is quickly becoming a force in the recovery community. What sets Brad apart is his straightforwardness and honesty about helping people recover from addiction. His motives are not diluted and his heart is pure which makes his efforts purposeful and powerful in helping others find a life beyond drugs and alcohol. Brad is a real life warrior, be sure and check him out!

Brad McLeod

Featured Warrior

Brad’s Bio:

I had been involved with recovery for many years before I decided to put forth the effort required to achieve it. In 2011,  my life would change forever. My addictive and destructive behaviors would catch up with me. I was living in Canada with my grandparents straightening up my life and decided I would return to the North Carolina to visit my family. When I stepped of the plane in NC  I was arrested for my 4th time and quickly realized I would not be able to weasel my way out this time like the previous times.  To shorten the story I spent the next calendar year incarcerated and that was just the beginning.

 I spent most of my life living in the US, I had moved from Canada around age 6.  After serving my time I was made aware that I would be deported from the US and sent back to Canada and would never be able to return again. I had many sleepless nights trying to wrap my head around this news as I would say goodbye to my family that continued to reside in the US. My mother, step father, and 2 brothers and everything I knew. (They still visit me in Canada)

When arriving back in Canada I had literally nothing and that was the story I had several years ago as I lived on my brothers couch and continued to engage in addiction. My grandparents took me in and gave the chance to change my life. At first I struggled without any friendships, job or PURPOSE.

When I reflect back on the story above it was all a blessing. If I could go back and change the way things worked out I would not. Everything, I mean everything happens for a reason.  Even though we don’t see it at the time.

A man and his dog

I set 2 goals for myself during this time, get a German Shepard (Vanilla) and to attend college to become an addiction counselor. I knew it was a long shot because I struggled with following through with anything I set out to do in my life. To my own surprise I accomplished both of those goals. My main focus was to share my story and provide hope for others. As I worked hard everyday at my own recovery, I began to feel things I had never felt before in my life. For once I was happy, motivated, and I finally had a PURPOSE.

I quickly understood my story was like many others. I started abusing prescription medication and before I knew it I was addicted to Heroin and could not go a day without. This took me to a dark place that I never wish to return to.  I have since been employed at a residential treatment facility for 5 years as a clinical case worker, became a Certified Canadian Addiction Counselor, and have more recently began offering Recovery Coaching Services to those who felt like I did for so many years – hopeless!

Recovery has offered me so many opportunities that I never thought where possible.

Brad’s Purpose Statement:

Find your passion and you will find your purpose.  For me today that is helping people break free from addiction and discover their true potential.

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