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Warrior Word


Daily Inspiration from Warriors On Purpose

Saturday Nov. 25, 2017

Who or what comes first in your life? Is there an area of your life that you just cannot seem to get control of. Ask yourself who or what is the priority in that area. Usually our answer will lead us to the solution. Whoever or whatever is our priority will drive every decision, thought, and action that we have or make. We have to make sure our priority list is in order.

For me if I keep God and my faith at my center, at the top of my list then there is a peace about my life. I can live in complete freedom, knowing that God has control. When I let him it is a no fail, always win in all areas of my life. When I find myself upset, offended, just “off”, it is usually because I have taken back control in some area. What I expected or what I want to happen isn’t. That is my cue to check my priority list.

Who or what are you putting first? If it does not elevate your life it needs to be cut out. Hard to do but absolutely necessary. What can we help you with? Are you in a fight to get your priorities in line? If you need someone to talk to, someone that will listen, please contact us by clicking on the following linkĀ Kip Shubert.