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Warriors on Purpose

Kip Shubert – Warriors on Purpose

I am Kip Shubert and founder of Warriors on Purpose. I am a 48 yr old father of four beautiful children. I have been an educator, coach, and motivational speaker for over two decades.  A decorated middle school teacher, Oklahoma All-State Coach, and an award winning collegiate athlete. I am also a recovering alcoholic. Throughout most of my life I constantly wondered where my life was going. I never felt worthy or good enough. I spiraled into a darkness I had never dreamed could affect me. Homeless and clinging to my teaching career I hit my bottom. Through my struggles I learned to fight for the life I knew was there for me. My battles and my addiction helped me to overcome the emotional issues and fear that had always held me back. Through God and my experiences in life I have come to find and fulfill my purpose. You can read more about my struggle with addiction at Kip’s Story.

Warriors on Purpose is my life’s passion. Guiding people to find a life of purpose. Offering assistance to overcoming life’s obstacles and fears. Helping you to see your dreams come true. Supporting people in recovery. Giving them the tools to become Warriors on Purpose. Sharing my story with those in recovery and today’s students to give them the hope and fire to break free of what holds them back. We are here to help you not only find your purpose but to live on purpose.  We look forward to you becoming a Warrior on Purpose.