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Your Purpose Is Staring Back At You

Stop now and take a look in the mirror!

Inside of everyone there is purpose. We were all created with a specific purpose. Yet we are given the choice of free will. We choose to follow that purpose or blindly follow the world. I believe many struggle with finding that purpose. We wait for a supernatural sign, a voice from a parted sky. The purpose was whispered in our ear at birth. It has been in our hearts all along. Stop now and take a look in a mirror. Your purpose is staring back at you.

Your purpose is staring back at you

In a message I heard from Bill Scheer, pastor at Guts Church, he talked about 4 things that can keep you from your purpose.

  1. Our Experiences – No matter what we have been through we still have purpose. Our experiences can be opportunities for greatness and glory.
  2. Our Pain – Pain can bring anger and resentment. Leaving us feeling like someone owes us something. That in reality is self serving. We must forgive. Forgiveness is to free our heart to our purpose and not for the other person.
  3. Our Self Image – When we do not believe we are capable, good enough, or worthy our purpose remains out of reach. God gave us our purpose because we will be great at it. Don’t make excuses. You cannot fail when you are following God’s purpose for your life.
  4. The Cost – Are we willing to pay the cost to fulfill our promise. The most important point. At times that price can look like we can never pay it. We must remember it is God’s promise to supply our needs beyond our wildest dreams. We win, no matter what! God will make what we have more than enough.

I turned my back on my purpose but it didn’t turn its back on me

In high school I knew I had a calling to the ministry. Raised in church, I thought my spiritual foundation was solid. I went to Oklahoma Baptist University to become a minister of youth. After one semester I had enough. I saw people partying on Saturday night and into worship on Sunday morning. I began to see religion as hypocritical. I heard a verse one evening. Revelation 3:15-16. The speaker said it was better to be cold rather than lukewarm. Bingo! That was my out. I grasped firmly to that thought and right then and there turned my back to my purpose. But it was my self-image, my experiences, my pain, and oh the cost, that made me turn away.  I definitely went cold. I spent 26 years running from myself into a cold bottle of beer. Funny thing is, God never turned His back on me.  He waited patiently for me to return and to accept the purpose that He had whispered in my ear at birth. 

Accepting that purpose can be difficult. It took a battle with addiction and alcoholism to bring me back to mine. We are all part of a body. Family, social, professional. For that body to function we must all do our part and do it well. If even the smallest part fails the entire body will fail. No matter how significant your part is no one is more important than the other. Our significance comes from being part of the body. Accept your purpose. Do it the best you can. Our purpose fits the gifts that God gave us.

Taking action towards finding and fulfilling your purpose

To find and fulfill our purpose we must simply take action. The first action we take is looking in the mirror. Become honest and willing to see who you really are. Embrace who you see and who God created you to be. Secondly, what is it that you are good at? What ever that is do it, practice it, perfect it. Lastly, and most importantly, each day take some sort of action, no matter how big or small the steps, to cultivate your talents and gifts. Your seed of purpose will begin to grow. You will daily begin to flourish as the important part of the body that you are. 

We all have a purpose. We all matter. We also have a choice whether we fulfill our purpose or turn our backs on it. Its not about us but what God can do through us. Its Gods plan so its 100% solid. Believe in God’s promise, provide the action, and simply give thanks as your life becomes more than you ever dreamed it could be. Quit searching for your purpose. Take a look in the mirror, its been right there the whole time!

Your purpose is staring back at you

Now! What is your purpose? Leave it in the comments below



  1. What is in front of me, and what is behind me, is nothing compared to what is within me. Thank you Kip for this affirming post. I’ve read it a few times now.

    • We have a power in us that we cannot describe. Our purpose however great or small is important and that power will shine through it. Thanks Mark.

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