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Alcoholic Evolution – From Recovery to Life

I have taken on an alcoholic evolution – from recovery to life

I am an alcoholic but I am also many other things. I have alcoholism. The disease is a condition not a definition of who I am. In my sobriety I am ever evolving. As my good friend Mark Goodson says, “I have grown beyond the person I recovered in early sobriety”. I have taken on an alcoholic evolution – from recovery to life.

Alcoholic Evolution

I was fortunate that I did not graduate from the bottle to the IV. I broke the cycle of alcoholism when I made a choice to ask God for help. I remember sitting on the front row of the recovery center’s chapel. Staring up at Jesus on the cross, on the front wall. I was done. I could not go on living like I was any longer. I simply cried out loud, “I cannot do this. Please help me!”. Right there I felt the deathly weight of alcohol leave me. As stubborn as I had been, God waited patiently for me to return to the purpose he had called me to as a teen. My evolution started there.

Alcoholic Evolution

There are many paths people can take to recovery

So, where did I go from there? I had no idea about addiction, recovery, rehab but I did know about God. When someone asks me, How did you do it? My simple answer is God. Now do not get me wrong there is a process in recovery. There are many paths people can take to recovery. For me, my beginning and resting place is and will always be God. I began to renew my relationship with God through my reading and meditation. I began to attend AA meetings, sometimes 2 a day. I did my 90 in 90 in 60 days. I took in all I could. But looking back I was hiding in those rooms. It was a safe place to be. It was a necessary phase of my growth as it allowed me to find my wings to fly. At close to a year of sobriety, I began to also go back to church, find one I felt comfortable in, and became involved. My recovery became a multitude of things. God, AA, and surrounding myself with family and the RIGHT kind of people.

Now it is time to take life and live it

My alcoholic evolution was taking me from a program of recovery to a program of life. I will always have some sort of recovery as part of my life. It is like exercise to physical health. I practice what I have learned as exercise in maintaining my sobriety. I exercise my recovery every day. But, I am taking all that I have learned and continue to learn and now apply it to life and not just my recovery. There is more to life for me than just a recovery program. Recovery has allowed me to regain the joys of the simple things in life. Now it is time to take life and live it. To enjoy the MIRACLE of the MUNDANE.

Recovery to LIfe

I am more than just an alcoholic in recovery

I have begun to find my gifts. To awaken the warrior that is inside of me. I have evolved to the point where I am understanding the “WHY?”. I share my message of recovery. I share God’s message which is far greater. I continue to evolve, to learn, to grow. That makes me alive. Fulfilling my purpose. To be a light, to whoever is in the darkness. Not just the darkness of addiction, but the darkness of life. I cultivate my relationship with God daily. I still attend AA several times a month. I try to be a warrior daily, in all that I do. I am evolving. I am living with purpose. I am more than just an alcoholic in recovery.

Tell Me Your WHY!

In my next blog I will share how a battle of wills, mine and God’s, led me to discovering my “WHY?”. What is your why? What is the meaning to your purpose. The motivation for your life. Please share your WHY with me. Leave a comment. Tell me your WHY! I look forward to seeing them.







  1. Kip: I was deeply touched by this piece and I also believe you ask the most salient of questions—why?

    In fact, I wish more rehabs would address the question of why, and also of meaning and purpose. I dealt with that very issue in my book, “Sobriety: A Graphic Novel.” (This isn’t an ad, by the way, only that your piece triggered a thought! LOL)

    Viktor Frankl was a Jewish psychiatrist who discovered in the hell of Auschwitz, that if people found a meaning and a purpose to their lives, they would be better able to survive, despite whatever torturous miserable existence they were living. Our lot is definitely better than his. And we can apply the same principles to our recovery.

    But… you asked us what our why is. Here’s mine: God. There is no proof for God. Instead, there is much proof against the existence of God when you look at how other human beings treat their fellows.

    Despite this, I choose to acknowledge a Creator, a being beyond being, a thing greater than myself. I choose to follow and let that which is beyond infinite live within me as a grace-centered existence. I often fail. But I’m trying. And that is what gives me purpose and a ‘why’ to *my* existence.

    Peace! – DDM

    • Thanks for leaving us your WHY. I hope more people follow your lead and comment. I could not agree more. I get strange looks and scowls when I answer how I did it. In actuality I just took the steps God did all the rest because I believed He would. Talk about keep it simple stupid. Appreciate your insight as always.

  2. Thanks Kip for posting to your Blog. I will be using the Article with the meeting at the MTC that is a institution of the Department of Corrections that is located here in Maryville.

    • Hope it can help someone Pat. Let me know when you will be back to T town.

  3. The pie chart sums it up. I’ve never seen a visual like that. But that’s it! It’s when we find something we can give to the world, and then we give it!

    This is a really important time of the year to ask these questions Kip. For everybody with the holidays, and for me personally at the end of the season. Each year I come to these crossroads right around thanksgiving. We’ve got to get a phone call going. I’d like to talk to you about it. Could always use your advise.

    Thank you for mentioning the website. I’m so honored to have someone quote me! It makes me feel legitimate.

  4. Let me know when a good time for you would be. Be great to talk over the phone. I do believe that purpose is the answer to real and lasting recovery. We cant develop or create purpose, it is already inside us, we have to really be set free and then walk in it to achieve the power it can hold for us. Looking forward to talking soon.

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