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Are You Hiding In Recovery?

After we have been in recovery for a time, found solid footing in a sober lifestyle we must ask ourselves how authentic are we? Have we been willing to find out who we really are? After all, many of us spent years running from the true person inside us all. Unless we begin to dig deep, peel back the layers, we run the risk of just using recovery as another mask. So I ask you, are you hiding in recovery?

For us to become our true self, become really authentic, simply real, we must become vulnerable. That is difficult for most people, but even more so for the alcoholic and addict. We have ran like a person on fire from vulnerability. We have hidden ourselves in a bottle, a drug, or a substance or behavior that has almost killed the true self we tried so hard to hide from. But often in recovery, we learn to replace the drug or drink with a program, whatever type or form that might be. For many we just begin to trade one for another, we hide in recovery.

The mask of recovery becomes their solution.

We put away the daily happy hour and instead hit meetings. Some of us forgo the routine of drink, use, sleep, repeat for the routine of step work, slogans, and a sponsor. Instead of making excuses as to why we don’t have a problem we make excuses as to why we have one. So many stop drinking and stop using but make little progress to solving the actual problem. They stop the solution that is killing them only to hide in recovery, The mask of recovery becomes their solution. To be authentic, to be real, is scary. It takes work and is often painful. It is easy to see why many newly clean and sober people struggle with finding out who they really are.

4 Keys to Becoming More Authentic

  1. Become Vulnerable. We have to be a willing to share our story in it’s truth. The average person lies 3 times in a 10 min conversation. Why? It is because we are afraid our story won’t be well received, when the opposite is true. The more truthful, real, and authentic we are the more people can connect and relate to us. So open your heart, let down your guard, and share your truth, there are more people out there just like you than you think.
  2. Check Your Why. Why are you telling your story? Why are you behaving in the way that you are behaving? What are your motives behind doing what you do? When you can answer these with less and less selfishness you are on your way to becoming more authentic. Strive to just to be you, not to impress, get a reaction, receive a reward, or to manipulate others.
  3. Find Accountability. We all need accountability. Find others who are also seeking to find and share their truth. Those who are really looking to become more authentic. Then love each other enough to call each other out. Keeping in mind, that you are all just helping one another step into their true authentic self.
  4. Be Patient with Yourself. Just as becoming an alcoholic or an addict took time, so will digging deep to uncover your real authentic self. So go easy on yourself when you struggle and hide, give yourself the grace that God so freely gives to you. We hid for a long time, it will take us some time to make our way back to who we really are.

Maybe you have hidden in your recovery. Maybe you are currently hiding in recovery. To truly heal and recover we have to excavate through all the years of substance abuse and find our true self again. Find out who we really are and begin to work on becoming the best version of that self. In that process, we find a measure of faith, we find exactly why we are here (our purpose), and begin to live life the way God intended for us to. We become a new creation, authentically real, we become our true self.

ask yourself, are you hiding in recovery?

Ask yourself how authentic you currently are? Are you hiding from who that might be in some way or another? If we are being who we think others want us to be, who we need to be to survive, or we are creating a fake reality just to show everyone our own highlight reels, we are only deceiving ourselves. If you struggle after early recovery, struggle finding the life you know that is out there, or become stagnant and stale in your sobriety, take a look at your authenticity. Become vulnerable, check your why, find accountability, and be patient with yourself. Be brave and go find that true you and ask yourself, are you hiding in recovery?

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