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How I Found The Secret Sauce

How I Found The Secret Sauce For over 25 years I have been told my greatest strength as a teacher and coach was my ability to develop heart filled relationships and authentically connect with my students and players. Had I…

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Find Your Hero

With the culture around education today we all need a hero. Educators, Administrators, Teachers, and Coaches are often looked to as hero’s. But being someone’s hero can take its toll. The climate around education today might be as bad as…

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Building Relationships – One Day At A Time

For the longest time the thing I did best as a teacher and coach escaped me in my personal life. Building relationships came naturally to me in my career as an educator. I think I saw myself in my students…

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In Our Rush Back To Normal, Let’s Think, Was Normal Really Working?

There is such a rush to get back to normal. Was normal really working anyway? Or could it be the normal had just become comfortable? Just like that down blanket I cover up with on cold nights as I sit…

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My Cornerstone by Marshal Hurst

My Cornerstone by Marshal Hurst I was recently reading the book Culturize by Jimmy Casas and in it, he talks about being encouraged to share his voice through blogging.  It made me start thinking about stories that I have shared…

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Focus On The Process or Trip Over The Talent

Focus on the process or trip over the talent. As educators, when we focus on the process, the daily disciplines, we can help our students and athletes achieve great things. But we can also trip over the talent. Whether it…


If You Can’t See Me, You Can’t Reach Me.

If You Can’t See Me, You Can’t Reach Me How many have I missed? How many students, with big dreams locked away inside of them, did I just not see. Screaming out to me, “Coach, if you can’t see me,…


Happy Holiday Triggers

By: Michelle Frank The effects of addiction on holidays This year on the 4th of July. Food, friends and the crack and boom of fireworks. Not for me. A holiday intended to celebrate freedom was once again a reminder of…

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