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Broken Connections

The one thing that I have found common in most addicts and alcoholics is the inability to connect.

Broken relationships
Our broken connections can be restored!

The inability to develop strong and healthy relationships. Somewhere, somehow in our environment, our raising, we became broken and unable to connect with those around is in an honest and fulfilling way.

For me it came when my parents divorced while I was in the 8th grade. All I knew and believed about connection, relationships, and love was completely shattered.

In my life I began to connect in ways that would suffocate the other person. I needed them to do for me what I did not know how to do for myself. Constant validation and approval, confidence, support and encouragement, and most importantly LOVE me enough to make up for the fact that I could not love myself.

Drinking gave me the delusion that the connection I so desperately longed for could/would happen. 25 years later I was a full blown alcoholic…..when all I was really after was sincere and honest connection with people.

What was the moment in your life that broke you and your ability to connect? When did connection become a dumpster fire for you? Share your story, someone might be able to connect with it and be forever impacted. Tell me about in the comments below…..Lets CONNECT!

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