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Category: Finding Your Purpose

Finding your purpose. Finding your WHY. This category are posts on how we find our purpose and how we live our purpose. Fulfilling our life passion as we answer the question that many have. Why am I here? They will give you tools to implement to find your purpose. Stories on how I and others found theirs. Posts of inspiration and motivation of how living our purpose can literally change our lives.

Stepping out in faith into what we were created to be is the first step. Once we do that this category will give you a map to find your true purpose. By seeing what we want to see, we really miss it so often. We must learn to exercise God’s will instead of our human nature to impose self will. Finding your purpose on our own is difficult. It really is a simple thing. I hope that I can help you in that journey.

Nothing Changes if Nothing Changes

Change your culture to change your mindset to change your life! Doing what you have always done, gets you what you have always got! Life is a series of cycles! It is easy to do what you know and most people don’t like change. Fear and the idea of…

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Hey You! What’s Your Purpose

Without purpose we become void of passion Seriously, what is your purpose? Why are you here? Are you just existing, living a life of mediocrity, and that has become your new standard? When I was drinking myself to stupidity on…

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Dreams of a Future – What Keeps Getting in the Way

The closer I get the further away it seems. There is nothing in this world that I want to accomplish more than my goals and to fulfill my purpose. The dreams that I have envisioned in my head all coming…


Prodigal Parents – You Can Always Go Home

Due to my drinking my role as a parent became void. Many of us have heard the story of the prodigal son. Leaving home with all his inheritance only to blow it all and ending living in a literal pig…