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Category: Spirituality

The category of spirituality will deal with all things spiritual. Higher power, God, religion and any other types of meditation people may employ in their programs. It also will include posts that are designed to help in finding a spirituality you can understand. I hope to explain God. Share how he was worked in my life and through my experiences.

It is my belief that to know our purpose that it requires a strong sense of spirituality. To find real meaning in life comes from a power greater than ourselves. All things spiritual lead to freedom and love. All things worldly lead us into distractions and destruction that can keep us from being all we can be.

This category will share how to find your faith. How to find your spiritual side. It will also share how this plays an important part in any recovery process. Most importantly, I will share in this category the things that God has laid on my heart that will hopefully help you in living a life full of purpose.

Resurrection – Finding a New Life in Recovery

The source of our eternity traded in for an egg. The Easter bunny, dying eggs, and baskets filled with candy and fake green grass are all the rage as Easter Sunday approaches. I won’t be able to be with my…

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God – My Answer To How I Did It

We can never lose our love and tolerance. I recently celebrated three continuous years of sobriety and recovery. I have been asked often in my short three years, “How did you do it?” When I have given the honest answer…


Insecurity – Pour Me Another

My biggest trigger always was rooted in insecurity. Who knew that just drinking too much was not my only problem. The drinking was just my insane attempt to drown my other issues. One of my biggest issues that has been…


Justification – The Way I Play God

Justification was my weapon of choice in my own addictive suicide. In January, my church participates in the Daniel Fast. It is a 25 day fast where we eat fruits, vegetables, grains and drink water. We cut out sugars and all the…