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Choice or Disease

I recently posted a video on my LinkedIn profile that generated quite a bit of dialogue through the comments. It was viewed over 15,000 times last time I checked and made me really think about my faith, my recovery, and the change that God has made in my life.

Although most of the comments were kind, there were also those that were not so kind. My first reaction was to come through the computer and knock some teeth out but then that would go against the exact nature God has called me to live by. I try not to judge or condemn, just give and forgive. It was surely a test in the latter.

Does it really matter what we call it?

One of the comments I received was that alcoholism was a choice and cancer was a disease. That one got my attention, as my wife battled and defeated cancer this year. I wanted to jump in with a reply at my defense but was quick to not take the bait. If I have learned one thing, it is that I control only my efforts and my attitude. Our words are power and I will try the best I can to use mine only to impact others for the good.

Cancer free
Cancer Free

Whatever our viewpoint is alcoholism exists. Addiction, especially in America, is rampant. Maybe you have been there, maybe you haven’t and can’t see how someone could. Nevertheless, it happens and it is real. I am grateful to have lived through my battle with alcohol so that I can use it to help others going through similar circumstances. So no matter whether I choose it or it choose me, makes no difference.

  What you believe in is entirely up to you

You see I have received my life back simply because I trusted God. I have seen my family and my kids restored to me. I have been elevated and am experiencing success in my profession like never before. And most recently, my wife who was diagnosed with a rare, incurable, form of blood cancer has been declared cancer free. All from just having “FAITH”.

Choose your words wisely
Choose your words wisely

I am not here to argue God, spirituality, or even religion. Nor do I care to debate whether addiction is a disease or a choice. However, I am here. I am here to share the message that God has given me. That is, if we stand in faith and fight that we will find purpose and the life God has called us to. If we never, ever quit, we will win. All I had to do was believe, have faith in what I could not see, knowing that it would be done if I just kept my focus on God and that faith.

Choice or disease? I really could care less. It really does not matter which one you believe it to be. God saved me from alcoholism, God healed my wife from an incurable, rare blood cancer. God just keeps doing what He said He would do. It is my faith where I found purpose and reclaimed my life. It is by faith me and my family are healed and whole. Choice or disease, argue away, it’s really all about that “FAITH”.


  1. Wow, I’m not on linked in but that is a tremendous amount of views. And the fact that most of them were positive is remarkable. Things are more likely to go viral out of hatred and range than they are grace and wisdom. So I think that’s pretty cool.

    I like you can understand where people are coming from about the choice debate. But ultimately in my experience, I lost that choice when the disease of alcoholism took hold. You’ve got the right idea though, focusing on the truth in your life and the evidence of faith in God. We prove his existence and his works. With every post. Every testimony.

    Great post, Kip. Wishing you, your wife, your family a very good new year.


    • Mark I sure appreciate you and your comments and insight. It was tough at first to see some people mock addiction, recovery, and God but then again what others do or do not do is out of my control. Thanks recovery for teaching me that. Yes I made some really horrible choices but it wasn’t by choice that I ended up homeless and an alcoholic with nothing left. People will argue over which way is up or down, it really doesn’t matter in the end what we call it or how we got there. What matters is that we unite together, regardless of our differences, and kick addiction, cancer, cycles of failure and whatever else stands in our way. Love ya man. Best wishes and a great 2019 for you and your family.


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