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Don’t Doubt Your Dream

Doubt may be the greatest dasher of all dreams.

Everyone at some point in their life has had a dream. Ambitions of what they might become and the mark they might leave on this world. Even us addicts and alcoholics have dreams and ambitions. I think for many, no matter their issues, the problem lies in turning those dreams into reality. The fear, the self-doubt, the uneasiness of change all make for a formidable foe when facing what we feel called to do. We have a purpose, the hard part is being and fulfilling that purpose.


I have been feeling such a big push from within me to move strongly upon fulfilling my purpose. The sermon Sunday seemed directed right at me, reminding me God’s grace is sufficient and I am qualified. Sunday evening in our men’s group, again about change and making the necessary moves to be all we are meant to be. Then this morning I read a great post on change from Mark Goodson on what keeps us from taking our ambitions and making it our reality. No coincidence!

Doubt literally paralyzes me.

Identifying my purpose was a process of being willing to be honest. To accept what my gifts were and to use them to help others the best I could. Warriors On Purpose is my vehicle to activate those gifts and the message that life has graciously given me to share. I am excited about all the new additions that we have coming in the next few weeks like membership options, recovery support programs, and merchandise. Then creeps in doubt, stalling my drive from dream to reality.

No doubt

It stops me dead in my tracks, paralyzing my desire to fulfill my purpose. Doubt reduces me to thinking it is impossible. The change from chump to champion I can literally see yet fear tries to remind me I may fail and may not be good enough. I know how ridiculous fear is and I know how to conquer it, yet still I find myself lacking. Then we start to see the issue here and that is me. When I want to hang on to control I fear, when I let go and let God, I win!

No guilt, for in God my weakness is made perfect in His strength.

Pastor Bill Scheer reminded me of just this on Sunday morning. It is OK for me to have a weakness. Because it is in that weakness that God makes perfect His strength. When I entered recovery I became a new creature, the old alcoholic was only a relic of my past. I must stop relying on what I see, hear, and feel and just trust in what God says. I must check myself daily to see who is really in control. When I move in this direction I can feel the conqueror awakening inside me.

Conqueroring Fear

As I attended a Sunday evening men’s book study I had the privilege to hear Scott Houston talk on his new book Momentum. The topic was no other than facing fear in change. Again I felt like it was something I was supposed to hear. I took away that I needed a promise, a purpose out in front of me. That I needed to expect conflict and the opportunities for growth in the conflict. Ok, I got those two, now what? Then the kicker, I just needed to say what God says, follow His voice. That was it, when I do not fully surrender my will then I give fear and doubt an open door.

I have all I need to be a conqueror.

Then this morning the first thing I opened up was a blog post from the Miracle of the Mundane’s Mark Goodson about the fear in change. How it keeps our ambitions from becoming our reality. It was the fear of failure, once again, that doubt creeping back into my purpose. I knew I was qualified because God chose me I didn’t choose Him. I have everything I need already it is just up to me to go out and conquer it, God isn’t going to do all the work for me. And then I reflected back on something I heard, if everything is possible through God then what is impossible, NOTHING!

more than a conqueror

It all is so simple yet we make it so difficult. My faith must be independent of what I see, hear, and feel. My verse for 2017 says all I really need to know. Proverbs 3:5, Trust God in everything and lean not unto my own understanding. You could say let go and let God or whatever else suits you to the principle. But the bottom line is, we already have everything we need to succeed in fulfilling our purpose. By grace we have it and that grace is always sufficient. All we have to do is walk it out like the warriors we are designed to be. I cannot be defeated because it is not me that’s doing the fighting, it’s a power way greater than me, its my God!




  1. wow. Thank you for expanding your thoughts on faith and fear, Kip. It’s wild to be in such a similar place while living a thousand miles apart. But, this resonated so much with me.

    That voice! It is so good to trust it. So hard to follow it. I haven’t reached that plateau yet, with this blogging/writing stuff where I just level off, working consistently without hat doubt. Will I ever? Will we?

    Maybe. But if we did, we’d lose these amazing moments where we connect over the doubt we feel. Thanks again for this. It was exactly what I needed to read.

    • I dont know that we will ever reach that level of perfection. We are pushed through the doubt to realize the power within us. Sometimes just stubborn to learn those lessons. Thanks for providing the icing on the cake this morning for this.

  2. This was very powerful, Kip. Thank you for this, it hit me right on target. It is something I’ve been struggling with, too. It’s comforting knowing that others out there feel the same yet won’t give up, and it gives me hope that what I am doing is indeed the correct thing. I offer my website and services to my Higher Power on a daily basis, and then just do the next, best indicated thing… and things fall into place. Like you said, “…we already have everything we need to succeed in fulfilling our purpose. By grace we have it and that grace is always sufficient.” I am grateful for you, sir.


    • Thanks Scott. I was pretty sure others out there were battling the same thing. It is up to us to seize it and walk in confidence. It is that ever present battle between the flesh and the spirit. Glad you found it helpful. Keep fighting.

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