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Entitlement or Humility

There is nothing that gives us the right to entitlement.

In my morning reading this week it was entitlement versus humility that seemed to jump out at me. How easy it is for us to put on that cloak of entitlement. In the same breath, how easy it is to lose our sense of humility. The amount of wealth we acquire gives us no more status than the one with only some spare change. Our right standing is not measured in the amount of good works we have or have not done. In fact, we cannot earn it at all. So whatever title you have achieved, whatever label has been attached to you, matters very little. We have all been created equal and are all as equally important.


Yesterday I was blessed to be of service to those in my community. At GUTS Church we do an outreach ministry where we give away groceries to the people in our community who are in need. Yesterday, while serving, I saw the importance of humility and equity that has become lacking in our world. The people began to funnel in around 10 am, their faces bore the harshness that life had been dealing them. Yet as we greeted them with an attitude of humility those faces began to reveal the light that was shining underneath all their hurt and pain. But what I saw during the service was what hit home.

He was there to get, yet instead he gave.

Before the groceries were given out there was a quick word from our campus pastor that followed with an offering. It is always made clear that they are not obligated in any way to give but that the promise of the tithe shared with them. Planting that seed of giving and how it opens up the windows of heaven into our lives. As I passed the buckets, I noticed that most were indifferent as they were there for the food but one older gentleman caught my eye. He was digging deep into the pocket of his tattered and soiled pants. His wrinkled, rough looking hand, brought out what little change he had. He looked up at me, smiling from ear to ear, and placed all his spare change into the bucket.

Guts Friday Groceries

That old man probably had the least of anyone there. Yet, he did not feel like he deserved a hand out. He was there because he was searching for help and hope. Faced with all the adversity life could bring him he was not thinking of just himself and what he was entitled to. Instead, he gave. He gave all that he had when he had nothing to give. Now I know that many families were blessed yesterday with much needed food. We were able to spread hope and love to those who get far to little of it. But I could not stop thinking about that old man. His humility, his blessing to me, and the realization that we are all equal no matter of our past, our title, or any label that has been placed upon us.

Do you love to get, or do you love to give?

An old man, in a simple act of giving, brought to life all I had read each morning this week. That we are all equal and what we have or what we don’t does not define who we are. We can have all the wealth in the world but if we are not using it to be a blessing to others then we are bankrupt. Whatever status we achieve is useless unless we use our position to disciple and promote others. If we lose our humility and put on the crown of entitlement we become as poor as those who were there for groceries. As I heard yesterday, it is all about loving to give that gives life it’s purpose, not loving “to get”!

What's in your heart

In our recovery it makes little impact on real sobriety if we all we do is attend meetings. What brings us the promises of a new life is our action. Putting into practice what we hear, what we learn, and being of service to others. It is the same with being a Christian. It has little meaning if all it is, is a title. Being a Christian is a way of life, it is about what we do. It is the fruit our life produces that makes us who we claim to be. How we live our life reflects the true status of our hearts. Take a long look in the mirror and honestly see what your heart is reflecting. Then begin to love to give and you will always get all you ever need.




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