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Even Satan Believes In God

It is my hope that people can tell that God is my source from what they see on the outside. It is my goal to make it no secret who my source is and why my life was recovered. I believe in God, but even Satan believes in God.

Even Satan Believes In God

I get asked often how I know God has delivered me from my addiction to alcohol. People often ask how I know it was God who healed my wife from an incurable form of blood cancer that was supposed to kill her. My answer is and always will be “GOD”! However, there is much more to it than the belief I have that He exists.

I activate that belief with unshakable faith

You see I don’t just believe in God, I seek Him in all that I do. I do my best to live by His word and I trust in the promises of what His word gives us. I do more than just believe, I activate that belief with unshakable faith that God and His word never returns void of power. He always shows up and does what He says He will do.

I do not just stop at that fact that God exists. His word says that faith without works is dead. First, I took Him at His word that He could deliver me from alcoholism. I believed with no doubt in my heart. Then I had to trust that if I followed His ways that He would direct my path. I had nothing to lose and went all in for God and the return has been a life beyond what I ever imagined or thought.

We believed it, we spoke it, we lived it

When Cindy, my wife, was diagnosed with cancer we had a choice to really believe or not. Again it was more than just believing that God was out there and praying please God heal her. We stood on His promise that by His stripes she was healed. It had already been done. We believed it, we spoke it, and we lived it with no doubt, fear, or lack of forgiveness in our hearts.

This week, I have been attacked for my belief that God healed and restored my life. I was told to take the credit because God didn’t do any of it, He doesn’t have time for things like that. I was told that if God was real and powerful then why were there home grown radical terrorists, school shootings, and other people dying from cancer. They believed in God but saw Him doing nothing. Are they simply viewing God as their, “genie in a bottle”?

God did His part…

Here is the crux of the matter. I am not to judge or condemn, only give and forgive. I do not know where their heart stands with God but I can see their actions, the outside. We can’t preach for freedom and equality yet attack others when their beliefs do not line up with ours, that is just sheer hypocrisy. We can’t blame God for our own personal shortcomings in our walk of faith. God did His part, He is just waiting on us to do ours.

God saved my life. He saved my wife. God has given me a purpose that is unfolding the greatest life imaginable. But I do my part. I do not just believe in God. My lips speak His word into my every day life. I live out the best I can each day the way that He has instructed us to. God starts with I love you and ends with I love you. If we believe in God, completely trust in God, live for God then our lives will show that love. Look for that love on the outside when someone tells you they believe, because even Satan believes in God.


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