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1,750 Days Sober

Faith, Purpose, Life

1750 Days Sober

Proverbs 3:6, ” In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths”. So simple even a child could understand. God knows I needed simplicity because for a large part of my life I made things way too difficult.

I want to make one thing perfectly clear. The congratulations, the well wishes, the atta boys, are all appreciated but the real acknowledgement goes to God. For without God and His desire to save me the number of days would still be at zero.

Something so simple even a child could understand

You may say, wait a minute, you did some things to reach this milestone in your sobriety. It is in our human nature to want to take credit and exhibit some sort of power over our existence. And yes, I did do something, Something so simple even a child could understand.

I am not here to say that the way I have obtained sobriety is the only way but I do know without a doubt that it worked for me and I know for certain it will work for you too. I know this because of my faith in a God that never fails, a God that cannot lie, and always does what He says.

Faith and Purpose

For me, reaching 1,750 days of sobriety was all about two things. Faith and Purpose. By seeking God and exercising my faith that led me to a clarity of purpose. It was a game changer for me. It gave me a life that exceeded all that I could imagine or think.

I just had to trust someone other than myself. Proverbs 3:5 says, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not unto your own understanding.” I simply had to do a complete “trust fall” into Him. Let go entirely of my past, my will, and let Him do what He had wanted to do all along.

That is where the Faith comes in. We either trust God or we don’t. We either believe or we don’t. Once I decided that I believed, I simply had to seek God first in all that I did. I wanted all of God that I could get. God did the saving, I just had to believe and take action.

God did the saving

So for 1, 750 days I have done my best to put God first. To believe that He could do all that I never could. But that is where most people stop and eventually become disgruntled and fail. God is not a genie in a bottle. He will do what he says but to activate His fail proof promise we must take intentional, deliberate action in the faith that He wants to develop in us.

I developed a discipline in my morning prayer and meditation time. I spend time in His word daily putting first things first. I put myself around other men of faith so that I could have community and much needed accountability. Lastly, I just would not quit, I never gave up fighting, because that is the secret sauce. When I refused to lose, I won.

HE works

I am happy and grateful to have come this far. I take bold, determined action in my faith, seeking purpose, all the while knowing without a doubt that God is backing my play and is directing my steps. He works.

I believe and I take action on that belief. It is simple for me to stay sober. Don’t misunderstand, I said simple not easy. I either trust and have faith or I don’t. I am either all in or I am not.

Faith followed by action

I do not know what you believe and am not here to tell you that this is the only way to be sober. But I do know that God is “The Way” and it will work for you, will work for anyone. It is fool proof. All you have to do is believe, let go and completely let God. Then take action in that faith every single day. You will stay sober but much more than that you will find purpose and thrive in a life of recovery.

I tried directing my path, I failed miserably. When I went “all in ” on my own understanding I lost all I had. When I trusted God and truly acknowledged Him, when I put my faith followed by action first, that was when life turned around. What have you got to lose, except everything. Give God a shot. Have faith, show it with action, and let Him give you the life you have been seeking.

God is undefeated. His record is unblemished. He does not lose, EVER. “IF” you believe, take action, and never quit….”THEN” God has you and you cannot lose. Congratulations God and thank you for backing my play. My faith, led me to my purpose, which gave me an incredible life. It isn’t easy but it is simple and it needed to be so even a knucklehead like me could get it.


  1. I can relate so much to your posts, Kip. I really get the put God first idea. I was miserable living my life with out God. Truly miserable and self-loathing. God has given me a new life too. And it helps to read posts like yours to never forget that. Thank you brother.

    • It is just so damn simple we miss it. God waited on me for 46 years, once I finally stopped trying to fix it on my own, put my life back together somehow and surrendered that control to Him it happened. I develop my relationship with God, put all my trust in Him then I cannot lose. He has proven true to His word ever since. I would love to have you on podcast when it gets up and running.

  2. Go God go! I love to hear the recovery messages of those who know it was ALL GOD. I know exactly what you are saying. I could not have recovered without God. I had to be completely surrendered to Him. Our recovery stories are His Glory Stories. He radiates through those of us that know the grips of hell that addiction has on our souls. What better vessels than those of us willing to share His amazing grace and abundant love. Thank you so much for sharing. I enjoy your writings very much.

    • Rebecca I am glad you enjoy them and God’s grace is amazing and great news for us. He uses the least of us and He didn’t save us for us to keep quiet. If there is anything we can do for you let us know. Check out our new site, still a ways to go and work to do and let me know what you think.

  3. Debraworzella Debraworzella

    Oh kip wonderful road your on im sure you got lost a few times bc its never easy when you really dont know where the journeys leading you but,look at the faith you have in all that you do!!this is very inspiring ..Thankyou for posting your achievements..Stick with the winners Kip and always remember Easy Does It!!!

    • Appreciate the kind words and as long as I keep God first and acknowledge Him then I can’t get lost since He promises to direct my paths. I just cannot forget that. I am learning to rest and recharge but I am also running towards a goal of God’s purpose for me and I have to run as one who wins. Because if I don’t tire while doing good then I will reap what I have sown if I don’t lose heart.

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