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Our Featured Warrior is Paul Silva. I love the way Paul lives with purpose and leads with faith. He is one of the most inclusive and compassionate men I know. Paul listens and relates and is a tremendous asset and resource to the recovery community. Be sure and check out all of Paul’s links below and let him help you grow in your life of recovery. 

Paul Silva

Paul Silva Longing for the Spirit

Paul’s Bio:

Paul Silva is life coach who works with people in addiction recovery and also life and work transitions.

He himself transitioned last year, having spent over 25 years in the hospitality industry as a chef. He has over eight years of sobriety, and his passion for recovery and in helping others is reflected in his work in running a blog (“Message in a Bottle”), two podcasts (“Buzzkill Pod”, and “Longing For The Spirit: The Podcast”) and authoring the book “Longing For The Spirit”.

He lives in Toronto, Ontario, Canada with his wife, their two boys and a clingy dachshund.

Paul’s Purpose Statement:

My “WHY” is to live in the fullest expression of my Higher Self, to help others feel good about themselves, and to grow along spiritual lines.

Paul’s Links:

Website :

Longing For The Spirit (B00k) :

Longing For The Spirit (Podcast) :

Buzzkill Podcasat :