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Fistfuls of Faith

My addiction opened up the necessity for fistfuls of faith.

In recovery, I have been asked frequently how I did it. I get some strange looks when I look at them unwavering and answer, GOD! That is not to discount rehab, support groups, AA, or any other type of recovery program. Rehab and AA both played an important role in my support program. But if I am to be honest, it was God and God alone that brought me out of my prison of alcoholism. It really was quite simple. So much so it almost seemed too easy. All God ever wanted from me was my faith. My addiction opened up the necessity for fistfuls of faith.

Break free of addiction

“how could it be as easy as an act of faith”

Before we go much further let’s clarify a few things. You may be asking how could it be as easy as an act of faith that enabled me to overcome my addiction. The initial removal of that addiction from my soul was lifted the moment I asked God to take it from me. I had exhausted the efforts of my own self will that only compounded the problem. I was finally able to simply and honestly ask for HELP! The one word I muttered out of my sobs on the altar of a rehab chapel that night. That was just the starting line for my fistfuls of faith. A race I have been winning because of renewing that faith one day at a time.

Fistfuls of Faith

So yes, it was that easy!

So yes, it was that easy! Yet, it has been maintained by a daily program of faith that has allowed me to not just grow in sobriety but to really grow as a man. I will try to outline what has worked for me. Sobriety gave me the opportunity to recover my life. My faith in God gave me a purpose. My life today is not defined by the fact that I no longer drink. My life is defined by the fistfuls of faith I have in God’s grace and His promises for my life. I have practiced it in these 3 simple steps:

1. Believing 2. Speaking 3. Action

It all started with believing. That might have been the hardest part as an alcoholic. Having to admit complete powerlessness and give in to total surrender is unfathomable for a hard drinker like I was. I do not know if people need a rock bottom, I think it is a saying that holds value to some, but for me I had to be whipped into submission. Finally proving, that me running the show was a complete disaster and utter failure. In my darkest hour I finally saw a crack of light in that rehab chapel. It was a reminder that I mattered, I had a purpose, and did I still believe. All I had to do was reach out and ask for help. A thing that is so hard for many addicts to do. But in asking God for help was faith, the key to unlock the prison of my own making. Faith that someone or something greater than me could save me. Real faith contains no “If’s”!

Faith is the key

What comes out of your mouth determines your direction.

Then came the speaking. Not only do we have to believe that our mountains will be removed, we have to speak it as well. It is a daily practice of changing the way you think by what you speak. What comes out of your mouth determines your direction. I did this in my prayer and meditation time. I was aggressive in thanking God for a new life and would focus on positive thoughts, words, and outcomes. That would help me get into a positive mindset for the day ahead. I would say I am going to be honest, I am going to be driven, I am going to be sober. It is daily that I do these things. Now it has become a lifestyle for me and it has changed my perception on life and brought me to the realization of my purpose.

Faith in Action

I slowly learned what to do outside of a bar and a bottle of booze.

Now comes the hardest part for me, the ACTION! I believed it, I spoke it, now I had to take action. It is easy to talk about it but our fears and insecurities make it difficult to do. Like with the rest of the process it is a daily practice until it becomes a lifestyle. I began to go to church and get involved. I spent time daily in the Bible and recovery literature. I went to meetings daily. I began to recover the lost relation of my family. I made new friends in church and the fellowship of AA. I slowly learned what to do outside of a bar and a bottle of booze. Some days my only action was that I just didn’t drink. The important thing was that I took some kind of action daily. I made steps, even if they were baby steps, one day at a time. My faith is growing stronger constantly and has led me to find my purpose. Who would have known I would find my purpose through fistfuls of faith.

Warriors on Purpose

I do not have room for thoughts of the past or my old ways.

Fistfuls of faith led me out of the dark cavern of alcoholism and to a life of purpose. By believing, speaking, and doing, God changed my mindset from one of losing to one of winning. In Daniel Maurer’s post, Purpose, On Purpose, he wrote so masterfully the importance of purpose in life. He summed up in his article just how important of a role, finding our purpose plays, in living a life of promise and peace.  Through faith I have come to know my passion, my purpose! It has given my life meaning which is all I sought after when drinking to a black-out day after day. My beliefs, words, and actions all are focused towards that purpose. I do not have room for thoughts of the past or my old ways. My fistfuls of faith routed them out. It is now about sharing the message of my story in all I think, say, and do. That my friends, is called living on purpose which beats the heck out of living in addiction.

Fistfuls of Faith

Your life matters and you have a purpose.

Stop thinking your life has no meaning. Your life matters and you have a purpose. I am calling on you to join me in the Fistfuls of Faith 21 day challenge. We will aggressively explore faith and how it leads us to finding our purpose. Take this challenge with me and we can begin to uncover the direction God has for your life. 21 days of encouragement, sharing, and content on how you can live with fistfuls of faith and become a Warrior on Purpose. Click on the link to my contact page and email me today to secure your spot in the Fistfuls of Faith 21 Day Free Challenge. Give faith a fighting chance, it has more for you than the bottle ever will.







    • Awesome, Will be good to have you along for the challenge.

  1. Kip, what a great read. It always has amazed me on how folks like to complicate the cornflakes. In the second step is states, “Come to believe”. I don’t get how some can’t or won’t understand that single simple idea.

    Count me in and on-borad with your challenge: Lets do this……

    • It really is that simple isnt it. So much in fact that we cannot believe that it is that simple. There has to be more to it? And there really isnt. Excited to have you on board for the challenge. Be looking for an email in the next few days.

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