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Freedom From The Red, White, and Booze

A day of just simple freedom

The fourth of July always meant two things, fireworks and fermented beverages. I looked forward to most holidays because it was accepted to drink to excess. The fourth of July was one of my favorite for that reason. Let us be honest. For many, I think it is not so much about our freedom. I think it is more about the good ol red, white, and booze. That is why this year struck me so peculiarly. This year the booze was gone and it truly was a day of just simple freedom.

Freedom from Alcohol

That brought back all the memories of my wasted years.

This year was like the previous two fourth’s of July in being free of alcohol. That urge had been lifted by the grace of God. Alcohol had not even crossed my mind. We were having a simple day of food, family, and fireworks. It had not occurred to me the freedom I was about to acknowledge. There was smoked brisket, grilled pork chops, and bacon wrapped chicken. My sister, a great cook, brought the sides and desserts. We were enjoying being together, sharing stories and laughs. My sister then asked me, “Do you remember all the trays of jello shots you used to have in your fridge in the past”. That brought back all the memories of my wasted years.

I was no longer governed by the tyrant disguised as a silver bullet can.

I suddenly realized the true freedom I was feeling in this day. Gone were the days of the ol red, white, and booze. No more masquerading the excuse to drown in beer as celebrating freedom. I noticed the words in our conversations. The truth in what we shared. The sheer joy in just being family and being together. I now realized the feeling our founding fathers felt in the meaning of independence. I was no longer governed by the tyrant disguised as a silver bullet can. I was truly free.

Freedom from addiction

My freedom from alcohol was a process. One that started with a God moment for me. Hitting my knees and asking for help and freedom from alcohol was given to me. That desire to drown my pain, resentment, and insecurity in booze had vanished. It was not about how to not drink, for me. It was about how to live and think sober. My sobriety has come from me seeking the answers to those questions. It is a process that works a day at a time. Being involved in furthering my relationship with God has given me a freedom I did not know was possible. Being active in my church and attending Alcoholics Anonymous has enabled me to gain wisdom in that relationship. The program I follow is teaching me how to live and think sober. True freedom that comes from just doing what is right.

Removing my addiction to alcohol had released freedom

It really is very simple as they say. This year on the fourth I enjoyed preparing food. I took joy in cleaning the house and doing the yard work in preparation for the party. I was immersed in laughing with loved ones as we told stories and shared a pure moment of love. During the day I realized the freedom that was the true essence of the holiday. There was no stress. There was no drama. There was no tension and whispers of the past. It was what our country was founded for, that feeling of simple freedom. Removing my addiction to alcohol had released the freedoms I now saw in life’s simple pleasures.

Freedom and Fireworks

It soon became close to dusk and we moved to the local fireworks show. No alcohol in tow. I sat there gazing up to the heavens as the fireworks began. I gave thanks to God for the freedom He had brought to my life. I meditated on the day and its freedom from all stress and tension. It was not the biggest party I had ever thrown by any stretch of the imagination. But it was the best party I had experienced on the fourth of July. All due to why it is celebrated in the first place. FREEDOM!

I celebrate America.

For us Americans today, we have always been free. We take for granted all the little things life as an American gives us. This year I also felt the freedom from being enslaved to alcohol. A feeling that had never rung more true to me. So I salute all the men and women who fight and die for our freedom. I salute all the addicts in recovery who are fighting for freedom in their life. I no longer celebrate the red, white, and the booze. I celebrate the land of the free and the home of the brave. I celebrate America. I pledge my allegiance freely to the good ol RED, WHITE, AND BLUE. I am free to live like a warrior on purpose.

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