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Getting Back Up

What do you choose to see?

We all stumble and fall. Falling down can lead us to feelings of guilt, disappointment, and shame. But, getting back up is always our choice. Most often the success of our comeback depends greatly on what we choose to see. Are our eyes focused on the fall or the lesson in it? It’s our choice.

I have come to learn that when we fall it is usually a direct result of our eyes being diverted from our path of recovery. We can get distracted, take our eyes off the road, and before we know it we end up in the ditch. We can get complacent and comfortable and start following the path of selfishness which ends up in a crash and burn. Our ego takes over and we think we know better and we stop following the path that led us to freedom and soon find ourselves right back in bondage. So how do we avoid this and how do we get back up?


3 Keys to Getting Back Up and Avoiding the Fall

1. Our Inner Dialogue – What are we saying to ourselves. What we think and speak has a direct effect on our outlook and direction of our day to day life. We must speak positive and we must choose to see each day as opportunity to win. We must tell ourselves that today great things are happening to us and great things are happening through us. Each morning I read my Warrior’s Morning Mission, a self-dialogue of verses and affirmations. It sets my day on a positive tone and gives me a winning mindset. If you would like me to email it to you just contact me and it is yours.

2. How are we living? – The next thing we do is to check our inventory. Where have we slacked on the healthy habits that put us on the right path to recovery. What are we doing that aligns with that and what are we doing that does not. Cut out the dead weight and selfish habits and renew our efforts on the healthy habits that bring us life and peace. Take a daily inventory and be honest and willing to do whatever it takes to keep you winning each day.

3. Action – Once we fall, or when we notice that we are stumbling we are faced with a choice. We can make excuses, point the finger of blame, or complain or we can choose to get back up. That is our biggest step to make when getting ourselves back on track, so choose to GET UP! Then we examine that inner dialogue and take our inventory. We share that with others and keep a healthy community with those who have been through it. Remember, we all fall, but it is the warrior who always gets back up. So just act, move, get up and begin to work on today. Yesterday is gone, it doesn’t define us, we just learn from it and push on.

We all stumble and fall, Choose to Get Back Up!

You are human, so am I. We will make mistakes, we might get off track, we may even fall. In those times we are faced with a choice. We either wallow in our self-pity and feel sorry for ourselves or we act, and get back up. It isn’t easy but it is a choice. Staying down only brings us more misery and darkness. Choose the light. Speak life into your situation, check your inventory, and take action. Getting back up is courageous, it is strength, and it is just what is needed to save another. When we don’t give up and quit, we win!

Contact me and I will email you the Warrior’s Morning Mission.


  1. Dig this one Kip. I struggle the most with that #1. My internal dialog. I was just at a retreat actually, where I was forced to re-think my inner-thought process. I always that “being hard on myself” was a motivating factor. But I’ve been trying lately to have more self-compassion, and at the same time striving for all these goals I have. Striving for them not to prove something, but because I am worthy. Great post. Very thought provoking!

    • I struggle with the dialogue myself. I could send ya what I read each morning before I get into the word if you want. I need to learn some self compassion too. I beat myself up because I am not further along than what I think I should be. I have to constantly remind myself that it isnt about me and not my will. But I just need to work and let God bless me.

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