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Imperfectly Perfect

Mind blowing 🤯, the things we can learn from our kids. 

My son Brady lives a life with his family being present in each day. Seeing what that day has for them and finding the good in it all. 

It’s a different life than some. It is simple yet free. I’ve sat back and admired their journey. Then, this morning 🌄 it hit me.

They began by traveling the country in a van.🚙Never knowing what the next day held, living each day as a new adventure. 

What would have terrified me, elated them. Their lack of expectations gave them freedom and peace. They weren’t let down that way. They just accepted each day and truly lived it.

They settled in Oregon after a year and began a family. Always planning ahead, embracing what they had and never seeing 👀 what they didn’t. They made the most, plus some, of all that came to them. 

They now live in Nebraska close to Mercedes family and are working with what opportunity is there to build their future. I could not be more proud and at the same time inspired as a dad and Grand Dude. 

Ya see, how often do we let our dreams, our desires, get the air sucked out of them by our own expectations of the perfect life, the perfect future. 

We become depressed 😭 and give up because it’s not working out the way that “we” had planned. Why can’t it just be perfect. 

I have learned from my own past that life just isn’t that way. My son has also shown me that wherever we are is exactly where we are supposed to be. 

We are gonna lose some, we are gonna win some. There will be ups ↗️ and there will be downs ↘️. Seasons of struggle and seasons of victory. But it all, imperfect as it is, is leading us to the perfect version of ourselves God wants to develop in all of us. 

Let’s stop seeing where we aren’t yet and focus on where we are. In each day is opportunity to become better, to love others, and make a difference. Just take action, just do it, without expectation and let God take care of the rest. 

I know I have to stop wanting it all to be perfect and wanting it all now. To enjoy the ride, the rollercoaster🎢, as my wife Cindy Shubert said yesterday. And to embrace the fact that I can start from where I am and from where I am I can change the world. 

Thanks Lil Jim (Brady will get that) for showing your ol diddy just what being “Imperfectly Perfect” looks like.


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