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Just Killing Time

I guess birds nest’s do not have restrooms. I never would have noticed that before. 🤣🤣🐦🐣 Although I should have, looks a lot like life when I was active in my alcoholism. just killing time.

just killing time
Looks like life when I was drinking…..LOL!

This morning while I was reading out on my back patio, these little ones kept chirping away every time momma bird flew in with some goodies.

The dogs were really intrigued, I am sure hoping one would be kicked out of the nest. Kind of how alcohol does, waiting to gobble you up once you fall.

And as I sat outside this morning, reading, thinking….I thought to myself, you ought to take a picture of those little birds in that nest. Make the most of this time, this morning, this moment.

….then it hit me.

But I just sat there, not wanting to get up, it was calm, peaceful, I was in another world with God and my thoughts….then it hit me.

You want to take that picture, yet you do not want to take the time to get up and go do it……Lazy A is what came to mind. It was just too dang easy to stay comfortable.

We want time… to do things, to start new projects, to spend with one’s we love, to be alone. And now that we have it, we complain that we don’t know what to do with it. We are just killing time, Why? Because it isn’t serving us….making us money, giving us more status. If it isn’t feeding my ego, my own wishes and desires, then why bother….right?

feeling unsatisfied, empty, in need of a drink.

Have we become conditioned to our time only being valuable if we are spending it making money, gathering more “stuff”……all the things that will fade away. Things that leave us feeling unsatisfied, empty, in need of a drink.

Shouldn’t we take the time that we have and make the most of it where we can.

Enjoying what we have, taking in the little miracles, like those baby birds, all around us. Connecting with people, really, in a deep, soul to soul, authentic way.

We can amass all the wealth, toys, and status that our abilities and efforts can muster….and in the end they will amount to very little. Even if we amass days on end of sobriety, will it really matter if we are just killing time.

….we are just killing time.

If we make decisions on how we use our time based on how much we can gain, money we can make, status we can achieve, days/months/years we can rack up sober…..we are missing the value of our gift of time.

And all too often we justify what we use our time for with how it helps people, and what we offer to people, blah blah blah….but the bottom line is we spend our time based on what we are going to get out of it. Like getting our chips in a recovery program. Sure we need to celebrate and enjoy milestones, but if you are just in it to achieve time, aren’t you just killing time instead of really being alive?

If it doesn’t serve us, then by God, we don’t spend our time on it.

Time and money……..they have been brought to the forefront all over our globe during this time. During the pandemic of Covid-19.

But what I have noticed is this, I waste too much of my time and I need to make the most of it. Storing up memories, love, compassion….all those things you cannot see and money cannot buy. That is what will be remembered any how. Instead of just killing time, I want to make my time meaningful.

….”show me the money”….

I have also noticed that I really can be content with little or much….and in a world that is all about “show me the money”, it is a lesson God might be trying to teach us all.

Money can’t buy us more time, what money can buy, honestly, in the end won’t matter. For me, I need to stop making decisions on how I use my time based on what I can get from it. It won’t even matter how much sober time I had if I didn’t make that time count.

I should make the most of the time I have, giving away the things that really do count, faith, hope, and most importantly love. Letting my time be a show of God’s grace, mercy and forgiveness for all people suffering from addiction and/or alcoholism.

Because my money in the end will fade away…..and my time and how I use it, well, that is what people will remember.

God isn’t trying to make our lives easier; He wants to make them more meaningful. – Bob Goff

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