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Hey You! What’s Your Purpose

Without purpose we become void of passion

Seriously, what is your purpose? Why are you here? Are you just existing, living a life of mediocrity, and that has become your new standard? When I was drinking myself to stupidity on a daily basis I had settled for exactly that. I did not feel that I mattered that much, if at all. The reason I woke up in the morning was because I eventually had to, most days. The reason I drank was because I could. My life was void of purpose and lacking of any type of passion at all. If anyone would have asked me what my purpose was I could not have answered. Today, that is a whole different story.

Being a speaker, teacher, and working in the recovery field today I see such a lack of purpose. And it’s not just in addicts or alcoholics, it’s everywhere. It is called apathy or they say that no one really cares anymore. I think that is true on the surface but when you look deeper it is all a delusion. People care, addicts and alcoholics care, our youth care, they have just lost or forgotten what to care for. I believe it is the main reason why we have an addiction epidemic, poor performing schools, and just a tarnished version of the good ol American dream.


One question I like to ask people is, “What is your WHY?”. When working with young people, I ask them that very question, why are you here. The answer I get most is, because I have to. They are at school for example because they have to be. They are in rehab because they have to be. You are at work right now, because you have to be. Therein, lies the problem, we have got it all backwards. We are existing because we have to. Void of passion, unable to realize or fulfill the dreams we once had. All because we have bought into the idea that we live to stay alive and survive. We are here because we have to be.

I was asking one young man directly one day, what is your why? He looked up at me, with tears in his eyes, and said, “my why is to protect the ones that I love”. I was floored. He freaking had it. I began to celebrate across the room like a mad man, this young man had exactly what so many of us are missing. He knew his why. He wasn’t at school because he had to be, he was there because it was the means to his end, his why. I asked him to elaborate. He said I am here today to get educated because that is the way for me to ensure I make a career in the military as an officer. That way I can protect my family and the ones I love. I am not here because I have to be, I am here because I want to fulfill my purpose.

Imagine the Possible

Boom, the formula is simple and that young man nailed it. He knew his dream and passion. He understood that an education was the bridge to cross to that dream. His purpose was not getting good grades and graduating with honors, it was protecting the ones he loved. With that understanding and perspective his grades and honors are sure to come. His success will follow because he understands the process. He knows his why, his passion, and then knows the steps he must take to achieve that. His passion being what fuels him also keeps him from getting lost in the daily grind and mediocrity.

As a human race we have to wake up. Too many of us wake up with no passion, no dream. In a world of instant gratification we want the magic pill. Something or someone who can give us it all for very little, if anything, in return. We have settled with mediocrity and living at the poverty level being OK. Hey, as long as I have a roof over my head and a cell phone then life is good. The government, our upbringing, our pasts, our family have all done us wrong and are trying to keep us down. We couldn’t get ahead even if we wanted to. So why not just use drugs, drink alcohol, and just exist. I will tell you why not.

Every single one of you is worth it. You have unique gifts and talents. Those, along with your dreams and desires are forged through fire to become your passion. When we realize that we have a purpose, that we matter, we can find the answer to our “why”. Through recovery I found my why. When I had no purpose, life was just an alcohol induced existence. But I had to open my mind and let myself believe in me again. The only person keeping me from the life I sought after was me. True, I had been through a lot, but none the less that only changed the course of my life because I allowed it to.

Find Your Purpose

I now use my past as a solid foundation on which I build my present and future. I don’t live under the label “alcoholic” anymore though I remember where I came from. My desire is to share my story so that young people’s dreams and desires come alive. I have a passion to bring others through drug and alcohol addiction to a life they have always dreamed about. That is my why, it is why I wake up with an energy to make an impact on the world around me each morning. It has transformed my life by the grace of God.

Life has thrown you many storms and although many may not see it, I know you seek a better life. You are the only one who can decide to make the effort. I know you care, I know it is there in you. God put it there the day you were born. We just have to wake up, own our life and find it. A simple shift in our mindset and perspective. Stop just doing what you have to and begin doing what you want to that will enable you to make your mark on this world. You are here for a reason! I know you have a why, a purpose, so I think it is time that you find the answer to that question too. Hey You, what is your purpose?

What are your thoughts? Tell me about your purpose? What can I do for you, how can I help you find your purpose and the life you seek after. Contact me!





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