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Resurrection – Finding a New Life in Recovery

The source of our eternity traded in for an egg.

The Easter bunny, dying eggs, and baskets filled with candy and fake green grass are all the rage as Easter Sunday approaches. I won’t be able to be with my youngest this Easter but we have already made plans to dye and hunt eggs the next weekend. Yesterday, I was envisioning what kind of grand basket I could put together as a surprise for when she is here. But what gets lost in all the commercialized holiday festivities is the real purpose of Easter. I was again putting myself before my creator while forgetting the sacrifice that this day celebrates. The resurrection that delivered me from certain death, a death I was trying to expedite with alcohol.


It is the day that many recognize as the day when every human on the planet was delivered from death. God gave His life-giving power through the crucifixion of His son, Jesus. By accepting his purpose and dying on the cross, Jesus not only defeated death, he also took all of our sins, struggles, and storms to the grave with him. Rendering them powerless over us for all of eternity. He died so we don’t have to. It gave us a choice to accept the power of real life in exchange for our pain and our addictions. Easter marks the day that God said I can to us all, if we just get out-of-the-way and let Him.

What you believe in does matter.

This path to recovery can seem precarious to some. The belief in a higher power, a God, is difficult and even more so at times for those in the throes of addiction or alcoholism. Part of my purpose as a warrior in recovery is to share my message, how it happens for me. What you believe or what works for you is totally up to you to figure out and manage. My truth is the resurrection my life was awakened to in recovery. I was finally restored to a life that as a 19-year-old non-drinker I dreamed I would have. I had faith that God could restore me, deliver me from death, and that is exactly the miracle I received.

God's Will

The miracles just keep coming as I walk out my recovery. I have recovered relationships with my family and my children. I have recovered what it means to really “love”. My professional career and finances have never been better. I have been promoted from a homeless, lost man, carrying only a suitcase and a cardboard box with my belongings to a position of complete peace and sanity. When I decided to turn my will completely and honestly over to God not only did the desire to drink disappear but an entire new life opened up for me.

To find real life, real faith, there would be no shortcuts, no quick fix.

The heavens opened up above me and a resurrection was poured out onto my life. It was not a quick fix and definitely required many lessons in patience. Soon, I would learn that to find real recovery there could be no shortcuts. I learned that I had to be completely honest about who I was, where I had been, and where I was going. Understanding that one day, one step at a time the rest would come. I found a program that really worked for me. I sought to become closer to my God through daily prayer and reading of His word. My church became my second home. I began to apply the principles of recovery, which are God’s principles, to all my affairs. The more honest and willing I am, the more amazing my life becomes.


My spiritual resurrection has opened me up to new ways and knowledge about myself. It has allowed me to see my flaws, leave them with Christ, and embrace the new creation that I am becoming. I exchanged my expectations of what I thought God should do for me for acceptance of how things were and what I could do for Him.  I became willing to do whatever it took, even if it was not meeting the version I had planned out in my mind. Acceptance really was the answer to all my problems. I accepted that I could not, God could, and I finally decided to let him.

No matter what you have faith in, God has faith in you!

If you find it difficult to believe try putting your faith into those you know who have believed and recovered. A little faith is all it takes to start. I am one of many examples, living proof, of what that first step of faith can deliver. God delivered me from certain death, a fact that maybe you can believe in. This Easter I think of the sacrifice that He gave, just so you and I might find recovery. He gave His only son to die, to take all of the storms of eternity to the grave, only to return with the resurrection power of life. If you are angry or defiant towards God, feeling like you can’t believe, don’t worry. God cares for you, loves you, just the same. So if you can’t or won’t believe that’s ok. I believe it for you.


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