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Seeing Through The Facts

Is it fact or is it fiction?

So often we rely upon the facts and completely miss the truth. Those two are very different things. Facts are things we gather with our senses and emotions but they can change. The truth however, is a constant, something that we can look to because it is unchanged and never wavers.


In a world, where people love to throw around facts and live by what they see and feel we can become seduced into doing the same. I did not go through the violent storm of addiction to live a life of what I only see and feel, that loose way of thinking drove me to the bottle in the first place. That thinking is centered in “self” as it serves to please or prove what we, our self, wants to believe in.

We must start to live in our truth and not our facts.

In recovery I have learned what the truth is and I strive daily to walk that out in my life. Stop depending upon what you see, what you feel, and lean upon what you know to be true.

Fact: When I drank alcohol it would help me to mask the shame, guilt, and pain I felt.

Truth: When I drank I would get drunk and it would hide nothing, the shame, guilt, and pain were always there.

Fact: I thought it was no big deal to drive under the influence even after being arrested for doing so.

Truth: When drinking I made irrational and careless decisions that not only hurt me but put others in great danger.

Fact: When drinking I had no concept of loving myself or others and left failed marriages and relationships in my wake of self -destruction.

Truth: One of the most important lessons I learned in recovery is how to accept who I was and to love myself for not only who I was but for also who I could become. That allowed me to love others unconditionally and without expectation and have healthy and happy relationships.

Fact: Drinking caused me to lose temporary custody of my daughter for two and a half years.

Truth: It became my motivation to find myself in recovery and although painful and uncomfortable it allowed me the time and opportunity to learn what it means to be a great father and to not only begin to heal and repair the damage done by drinking but to lead my children in the way that they should go.

Fact: I am currently a 7th grade geography teacher.

Truth: I am fulfilling my purpose to be a light to those who are finding themselves in the dark.

Fact: I try to maintain a consistent and constant program of recovery.

Truth: Daily action is required if I am to not only stay sober but to develop and grow into the best version of me I can be.

What is your truth

What are your truths?

The facts say I am an alcoholic but the truth says I am a Warrior. I am living a life on purpose. A life that is exceeding all I could have ever imagined. That is my truth! Don’t live by your facts, they can change. Live your truths and find what drugs and alcohol could never give you, a life you love. Leave a comment on what has been a fact and a truth for you.


  1. Great post, Kip. I am believer in Ultimate Truth, and as we know the Truth never changes, just our perception of it does.
    Loving your work, brother!

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