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Sober Distancing

How to communicate effective boundaries.

Boundaries can be a confusing thing for most people but they are a necessary thing for those wishing for life long recovery. We have heard so much about social distancing lately, so what better way to make boundaries really simple and clear. Boundaries are in many ways like social distancing, but we could call it sober distancing. They keep us safe and healthy, Protecting us from things that try to infect our sobriety and recovery.

Good boundaries is like sober distancing.

Boundaries are much like social distancing…..

I created a really short guide to help you communicate effective boundaries. To set that sober distancing correctly in your relationships. I hope that it is helpful. Please copy and use. Recovery is our second chance at life and boundaries play an important part. So, happy sober distancing.

When setting boundaries

  1. Make sure they are clear and specific
  2. Make them fair and reasonable
  3. Make it enforceable
  4. Make it logical and simple

Tips to prepare to set effective boundaries

  • Boundaries are for your self-care not others
  • You do not have to explain them or justify them
  • Face your fear
  • Be completely honest
  • “NO” is a complete sentence
  • You may feel guilty, feel it, and set them anyway

How to effectively communicate the boundary

When you (describe the other person’s specific behavior)

I feel (use words that describe feelings and emotions)

I want or need you to (describe the behavior you are asking for)

If you continue to (describe specific behavior)

I will (describe the specific action or consequence you will take to maintain the boundary you wish to set)

Below is the link to our Sober Society on Facebook. A place for us to find family and community. I would love for you to join us.

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