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Sobriety Is Our Superpower

sobriety is my superpower

We were built for this…

Our world has been attacked by a virus. A virus that can kill. But this Corona is not anything like the pandemic of alcoholism and addiction. Not to downplay Covid-19, but those of us who are in recovery, who have found sobriety, we have been here before. We were in a fight for our lives from something with a much higher mortality rate. We found a solution, we were given the option to receive an antidote. Through our programs of recovery we found life again. A life that we had only dreamed of in our past. Sobriety is our superpower. And, if there is any group ready to tackle this global crisis it is us. We were built for this.

I am not trying to sound overconfident, not in the least. I am saying that we are prepared by our past experience. Knowing how isolation and loneliness can devastate people, we are equipped to deal with the world of social distancing and shelter in place orders. We know the importance of reaching out and connecting. As an alcoholic I know the mental state that can develop without that positive interaction. What I am saying is, shouldn’t I be in a better place to help those around me deal with it. With sobriety as our superpower it is our duty to step up and show others how to win in this fight for life.

…come up with ideas to ease the pain of isolation.

As alcoholics and addicts we were the best at figuring out how to survive with nothing. Even in a state of complete chaos we could always find a way to get what we needed. It is that ingenuity that we honed as a negative skill in our past that we can now use as a tool to help others stay connected in their time of quarantine. I can remember I would always stick a $20 bill in my sock when I would go to the bar. I would tell myself that it was for an emergency. A cab ride home, gas money, a flat tire. The lies I could come up with were brilliant in my head. Of course, the reality was that I was justifying spending more money at the bar. That was my real emergency, more booze. It was genius, or so I thought. But in a twisted way I was thinking outside the box. Now, can’t I apply that for good. Think outside the box to come up with ideas to ease the pain of isolation. I surely can find ways to connect with people, something that I know I have taken for granted.

But there is even more to understanding that sobriety is our superpower. I turn on the TV, or I look at my phone, and I see everyone trying to figure out the answers. What if it is not up to us to figure out this Coronavirus pandemic. I know I can get so caught up in looking at the curve, the death total, the numbers that I completely lose sight of one of my greatest tools. That tool is surrender. If recovery taught me anything, it was to accept things as they are and to surrender control to God. I can’t change the pandemic, the global crisis is out of my control, but since sobriety is our superpower I can give it to the one who can. In doing that it frees me to focus on things I do control. My actions, my words, my thoughts and to use them to offer some peace and help to others around me.

Even those people who I want to throat punch…

This virus has offered me the opportunity to re-evaluate one of my most precious gifts. I have been able to see just how valuable my time is. I have been able to examine where I waste it and how to make the most of what I have left. It has also helped me to see just how important connecting with other people really is. Even those people who I want to throat punch half the time, I miss them too. I should have known better than to get complacent with two of my most valuable resources, time and people. Connecting with other people is why we are all here in the first place, to isolate from that purpose is just selfish. And the time, sheesh, I need to make the most it, being love and hope wherever I can.

So, my people in recovery. Sobriety is our superpower. Let’s figure out ways to connect with each other, with those who are more isolated than we are. I know that I could always find a way to get drunk, so I know I can find a way to connect. Then let’s make sure we use our great tool of surrender. I know I need to keep my focus on acceptance and what I can control. To do just my part and let God take care of the rest. I know I cannot worry about tomorrow, it has it’s own troubles, but I can make a difference today. We can make a difference today. Do what we do best, find a way to survive, and show others how to do that by connecting with them. Then just surrender, free yourself from the worry, let God take that. Because after all, sobriety is our superpower. Let’s get up and help, we were built for this.

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