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Tag: alcoholism

Heroes – The Forgotten Ones In Recovery

The real heroes are too often forgotten. It is undeniable that it takes tremendous strength and courage to take that first step into recovery. In addiction, those are qualities that only the drink or drug gave us. But those of…


Crossing Bridges – Vacations in Recovery

There is great freedom in the promises of recovery. I have just returned from a sober vacation. It was not my first sober vacation in recovery but it was a first of monumental proportions. This vacation was my first with…


Alcoholism – Through My Son’s Eyes

We cannot forget the casualties of  alcoholism With all the accolades and celebrations for sobriety, which are well deserved, I can easily lose sight of the ones too often forgotten in my recovery. They are the ones that I have…


Dreams of a Future – What Keeps Getting in the Way

The closer I get the further away it seems. There is nothing in this world that I want to accomplish more than my goals and to fulfill my purpose. The dreams that I have envisioned in my head all coming…


Resurrection – Finding a New Life in Recovery

The source of our eternity traded in for an egg. The Easter bunny, dying eggs, and baskets filled with candy and fake green grass are all the rage as Easter Sunday approaches. I won’t be able to be with my…

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Transformation for the Face of Recovery

Recovery has brought a real transformation to my life. The online community of recovering addicts and alcoholics was like a breath of fresh air for me in sobriety. I had no idea the magnitude of people who I would meet…