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The Eyes of a Terrorist

..flip the terror and hate into courage and love.

eyes of a terrorist

What if we saw the world through the eyes of a terrorist? What!!!!!! Hopefully you didn’t just spit out your food or drink, or choke on seeing that. Hold on a minute before you jump to any conclusions on the meaning I have in that question. A terrorist does not discriminate. A member of ISIS, for example, hates anyone Christian. They do not care if you’re Catholic or Protestant, Baptist or Methodist, attend church, or even pray. They are equal opportunity destroyer’s. But, what if we flip the terror and hate into courage and love. What if we became equal opportunity restorer’s. What if we saw the world with the eyes of a terrorist but flipped the perception on its head. Seeing everyone in recovery as equal.

Seeing all as being equal, no one better than the other, no one less.

Now, I am not here to debate terrorism or terrorist’s and their agenda’s. I am simply asking you to think outside the box for just a moment and hear me out. A terrorist sees with the eyes of hate and ignorance. They do not discriminate against whichever group their hatred is directed, they simply just hate them all.  But there is a lesson in everything. If we look hard enough there is something good we can pull out of anyone or any situation. A terrorist is blind to color, gender, ethnicity, or if your addiction laid centered in drugs or alcohol. But wouldn’t it just be easier to see with light and love instead of darkness and hate. Seeing all as being equal, no one better than the other, no one less. Aren’t we able to understand and not be ignorant. After all we do not want to destroy each other, we want to restore each other. Addiction does not discriminate, so why do we?

unity in recovery

So, I am asking you to step outside your own little comfortable box and try to see those around you through the eyes of a terrorist. However, instead of hating without discriminating, we love with total acceptance. Does it really matter at the end of the day if we believe that once an alcoholic we are always an alcoholic? Is it going to matter in the end if we belonged to AA, NA, Celebrate Recovery, or even did it with holistic medicine. I think not, what matters at the end of the day is that we are clean and sober. That we are recovering and finding purpose in a life where before we found none. That we expect to win instead of lose. Let’s open our eyes and embrace everyone in recovery! Let’s show the love and compassion that is preached throughout the many programs. Open your eyes, take off the blinders, and stop the divisive attitude that is too prevalent in the recovery community. We are all on one team, let’s see with love and understanding, not hate and ignorance.

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