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When Things Go Viral

In a society that loves it when things go viral, boy we sure got the real thing now…and the irony for us alcoholics…. it is called the Coronavirus.

But this can be scary for those of us in recovery, especially for those that are new to it. A break in routine, major changes, can be hard to navigate when things go viral.

So what do we do when things go viral?

when things go viral
Well, we don’t go hoarding toilet paper….that’s for sure.

But seriously, the answer is really easier then you think.

1. Get a grip of your perspective, how you see it. Flip it and see the good, see all you have to be grateful for and start each day writing those things down and thinking on them. That tool of making gratitude lists will be one that will help you set the tone for your day.

2. We are prepared for this, our lives have disciplined us to deal with things like this. Our life as an addict and/or alcoholic has prepared us to deal with difficulties and we can use it for the good. We know how to adapt and move through the storms, so use what you know for the good. Don’t see it as an obstacle, see it as opportunity.

3. Find the opportunity. Is it a time for self reflection – to refuel and renew yourself for what life has for you next. Maybe it is a time to begin that project, that book you have wanted to write. Organizing a new business plan – that you can never find the time for. Maybe it is a time to reconnect with your spouse, family, kids – a forced slow down to see what really is important. Could this be an opportunity for you to see things through a lens of “I can”, rather than “I can’t”. An opportunity to strengthen your tools into weapons and to develop you to attack and take on this new life.

4. Action – Whatever the opportunity you find, move into action in it. Don’t just talk about it, go and do it. You are ready, you can do this. Use these opportunities to become love and impact others. Help those you may want to avoid, who can’t seem to flip their perspective, love them through this and unlock in them their own opportunity.

There is always a lesson in everything….

Paul wrote in Phillipians 4:11, I have learned to be content with little, and content with much and no matter what happens I count it all joy.

Maybe God is just using a virus, for us to see that we don’t need to go viral….

Things going viral could be exactly the time when God is saying, STOP, you are looking at this all wrong.

Maybe it is time for us to slow down and see what really is important in a world that moves at light speed.

Everyone is experiencing a different time…..but is it really full of obstacles……

Or is it opportunities….

When things go viral, you do have a choice. What you choose….

That is entirely up to you!

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