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Why Are You Here?

Do you really know why you are here?

In my opinion, it is the question that is at the center of not only addiction but all other societal issues. Why are you here? No, really, why are you here? Can you answer it with complete honesty? Not giving what you feel is the desired response or the one society has conditioned you to give, but your genuine, to the core, vulnerable answer. Have we lost our passion, our purpose, have we lost our “WHY”?

Why are you here

In a world of over 7 billion people we have forgotten what it means to strive to be that one in a million. We have become blind to the true significance of living, the definition of real success. It has become the norm to accept that our dreams have become unobtainable, unreasonable, and unrealistic. Have we really given up on our dreams?

Are we now in a society full of people who lack passion, who live with no purpose? I see each day so many people who are uninspired and unmotivated for anything better than mediocre or even less than that. I define it as generational mediocrity. Life has become an insignificant cycle, where we go to school because we have to. We get a job to make enough money to get by month to month. Then we retire on pennies and our legacy is we have taught our children to do the same.

We must wake up to finding our “WHY”!

I asked over 280 students this question. Why are you here, why did you wake up this morning? Over 85 percent answered in some form..because I have to. They followed with we are supposed to be here to learn, to graduate so we can make money, blah, blah, blah. When asked what their dream was over 80 percent answered doctor, lawyer, engineer, or professional athlete. A standard response they have been conditioned to give based on what society deems successful.

But they have it all backwards. Most of them will never succeed at what they think is success as defined by our society. They lack a passion, a purpose behind it all. If they understood their purpose they would come to school as a means to achieve that dream. But for most it has been lost. I had one young man raise his hand and say in tears that his dream was to protect the ones he loved. There were some snickers and giggles, but I jumped on the chance to point out that he had his “WHY”. He knew his passion.


I asked him to elaborate. He said he comes to school so that he can learn the things he will need to know to pursue a career in the Navy. He dreams of being an officer and in charge of protecting his country, his city, his family. This young man had his why all figured out. He was going to protect the ones he loved and he knew exactly what it was going to take to fulfill that dream. Very simple actually but that is what purpose looks like. That is the passion that is missing in so many, a purpose that was missing in me as an active alcoholic.

Finding your purpose is a game changer!

Whether we are addicts, alcoholics, or just regular folk; we must have the ability to answer one question. Why are you here? We live in a society where the amount of money you can make is your dream. We live in a society where meeting a quota is more important than our passion. Are we really living life or are we just living to earn a paycheck. A life without purpose leads to a life that lacks significance and is unfulfilling. Many turn to alcohol and drugs for their fulfillment like I did. We must begin to find our why and live like warriors on purpose if we are to change the world.


Stop blending in to be just one in over seven billion. Dare to be that special one in a million. Dare to change the world. Aiming high and missing your mark is not failure. Aiming low and hitting your target is. What would you be doing in one year if you could be doing absolutely anything? Therein lies the essence of your dream. Now it all depends on you. What do you want? How bad do you want it? Dream, desire, passion, and purpose. They are the energy of recovery but they are also the energy of life.


  1. Great question Kip. And description of why it is so important.

    I think I’m here to be a father. Well, first a sober man. Then a father and a writer. Someone whose willing to help anyone anywhere when they reach out for help.

    I’m inspired by your post. I say it proud!

    • Think it is at the heart of everything that life is. I am here to use what life has given me, taught me, to be the man I was created to be and to share that message with others so they may avoid the pitfalls that got me or better yet find the light that I did that chases away all darkness. Thanks for your support means alot.

  2. Connie Connie

    Somewhere I missed the mark. I’d lost my purpose, I went from here to there without any direction, I was lost, confused and alone. Then I met Jesus. Right where I was. I felt hope for the first time in a long time. He changed me, he changed my heart. Now I know my purpose. I help others. I give what has so freely been given to me, New Life. (DARK to LITE)

    • And isnt it awesome Connie. Glad you have found IT.

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